Gain Visibility into //TODOs

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    Keep Your Notes Close

    And Your Code Closer

    Qwoka helps developers get forgotten //TODOs done. By integrating directly with leading version control platforms, Qwoka automatically extracts //TODOs out of source code, organizes them, and allows developers to search, filter, and prioritize.


    Keep track of TODOs and embedded notes across multiple projects and repositories

    Multiple Languages

    Qwoka works with multiple languages and comment syntax styles to ensure full visibility across all source code


    Fire off webhooks when TODOs are found and notify your team or trigger actions in other systems

    How Qwoka Notes Work


    1. Link Your Repo

    Authenticate with Github or Gitlab and link Qwoka to your repository through a simple process. Qwoka will automatically sync on all pushes.


    2. Comment Your Code

    Qwoka identifies comment blocks in your code and determines if Qwoka opcodes are present.


    3. Use Opcodes

    The Qwoka opcode identifies the type of note, whether it is a TODO, FIXME, DISCUSS, etc. Each opcode carries out a specific function such as adding a simple note on Qwoka, notifying other developers, or sending out a webhook.


    4. Tag Your TODOs

    Taggings //TODOs allows for easy filtering, discussion, and assignment of tasks based on domain knowledge


    5. Maintain

    Easily track the "aging" of //TODOs and don't let them get lost in the code! Qwoka will automatically track updates and line changes to your TODOs.